Sunshine + Summertime

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It's no surprise we love partnering up with our fellow local friends here in PA, and we couldn't be more excited to collaborate with Mindy, owner of Made for Mama Shop, to bring you this brand new burnie!

Inspired by all the warm, sunny, summertime vibes, this 16 oz. jar was hand lettered by Mindy, and filled with our popular "Golden" scent - a perfect blend of Pineapple, Sandalwood, and Sage!

The best part?! You can clean and reuse this jar after you've finish burning it!

Thank you so much for shopping small and supporting our local, women owned businesses here in PA. We are so grateful and couldn't do this without you!

Follow Mindy on IG! @madeformamashop

16 oz. / Cotton Wick / Soy 

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