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Rustic Smoke Candle Co.

Secondhand Smoke - Imperfect Mystery 4-pack!

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Say hello to the Mystery 4-pack. Hand picked burnies and other items that have slight imperfections or have been retired from our product line. These 4-packs include candles and diffusers.

We hand wick, hand pour, and hand label every single burnie that is made, and we would be lying if we said every one of them turned out "perfect." Whether it be a wick that is slightly off-center, a retired scent, an old label, or one that just didn't cure with the visual standard we have here at RS, you will find that each one is still made with the same love and care - regardless of the appearance. AND they smell just as good! A win-win!

*Various sizes, products and scents will be picked for your pack. All totaling $40 ($10 bucks a pop). 

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