C O M I N G  S O O N!

We have been busy getting our scent list ready for our favorite season, and couldn't be more excited to bring you SO. MUCH. COZY.


Here is your cozy class of 2020:

SPICED PUMPKIN PIE (Sweet Pumpkin / Vanilla)

AUTUMN DREAMS (Crisp Autumn Air / Leaves)

SWEET MORNINGS (Gingerbread / Coffee)

C O Z Y (Warm Pumpkin / Caramel / Spice)

TOASTED ALMOND TORTE (Toasted Almond / Cherry Vanilla)

SLEEPY HOLLOW (Butterscotch / Pumpkin)

MAMA'S BANANA BREAD (Banana Bread / Cinnamon)

FARM TO TABLE (Apple Pie / Spiced Cider)

Y'all are going to love these, guaranteed.

So, get ready to break out those flannels, rustic Fall decor, and allll the pumpkins because COZY IS COMING!

Launching August 31, 2020 @ 9 AM