Rustic Relax Collection

Welcome to our Nirvana - AKA the Rustic Relax Collection. This collection has been in our minds for a very long time and we are thrilled to bring it all to fruition. This collection is compiled of unique scents guided to bring you peace, harmony and tranquility in your own home or happy place, all of which are infused with natural essential oils. Our Rustic Relax Collection is available in two forms:

1. An all natural cotton wick candle in our standard 8 / 16 oz. burnie

2. Reed Diffuser - variant way to add strong, clean scent to any room without the use of heat or flame. The scent is transported up though the all-natural wooden reeds to release the fragrance of your choice. Each one of our reed diffusers come with a total of (10) wooden reeds. We recommend using 6 reeds at a time, and flipping them throughout. Each reed diffuser should last about 3 months.